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As a music educator, privately and publicly, I offer personal/group voice lessons utilizing basics of piano, musical notation and vocal tone

mapping here in the greater Philadelphia region. Other services: Adjudication, Choral Seminars, Public Speaking seminars on Vocal Tone Mapping, and Suzuki Music in Motion          Classes for all ages: [email protected] 

Photo Gallery

Concerts and Performances Concerts and Performances Breck Pops Concert Evolution of Song: 1400's to selections of today: 2014, Breck School 192178774 Madrigals A festive Celebration of the Season encompassing period costumes, instrumentation and various genres of vocal music amidst dramas, sword fighting and dance. Although the food was scrumptious, the entertainment was the tastiest of treats! 2009 170425121 LGPE So proud of my students LGPE achievements with straight superior ratings, even in sight reading. March 2018 205140590 'Imagination' Post-finale of April 2012 show choir concert. Posed choreography is nice, but the look of pure joy and celebration on the student's faces is priceless. Learning various songs and choreography to their personal best, this is why we do what we do. 170424742 Graduation Always bittersweet to see seniors go. 205140591 Deck the Halls Holiday Concert 2012 in the Halls of the Museum. 40 singers strong, tuned, and so very festive! 170424744 Cruella deVille Our beloved Ms Cain in a cameo. IMSA 2011 170843285 Chicago Chorale In both Chicago Chorale and Cantate, I strongly believe in a performance life enhancing teaching and vice versa. 205141040 Dancing Extra curricular show choir, IMSA 2011 170843287 Chicago Art Institute IMSA top group debuting the opening of the Modern Wing in the Art Institute in Chicago. Nov, 2009 205141042 Andre in his spiritual To see men involved in choir and coming into their own through the art of music is a wonder year to year. 170843288 Masterworks In addition to musicals, madrigals and standard choral repertoire, masterworks are a great part of the musical experience for any musician. Here we performed an excerpt from Faure's Requiem, 2010 205141044 The Royal Court IMSA, 2009 170844012 UGA Choral Day One of the great privileges is taking students to UGA Choral Day in Athens, GA. 205141045 Panorama This Panoramic shot is of my conducting the orchestral, band and choral programs at our Kaleidoscope Concert end of December, 2014. 197385242 Haydn Missa Saint Nicolai Chamber Choir plus Chamber Orchestra March 6, 2015 197747502 Madrigal Dinner Batavia High School Madrigal Dinner w/ orchestra 12/6/2014 198486937